Mountain People

I had the honor of hiking with a group of men into the Yagnob valley in Tajikistan.  This group of men have been hiking into the villages there for the past four years – making contact with each mountain village every year.   We were able to tell Bible stories, make balloon animals for the kids, eat and spend time with the men.  We also had a mini-projector with us.  We showed the Jesus film and the Magdelene film to several village families.  The very last morning we had the privilege of being present when our local host in the village became a brother in Christ.  What more can I say?  That was worth everything.  The hiking was strenuous and the kayaking was dangerous and thrilling.  In the end, we all returned safely, minus two boats, five paddles, a SAT phone, PLB, first aid kit, and a few other items that the river swallowed.  Enjoy the pictures! – Noel

2 thoughts on “Mountain People”

  1. Enjoyed the pictures, it is a beautiful area. Glad you returned safe. It was good to see God’s seed take root and a harvest of a soul and maybe more that you are not aware of.

    Dave and Connie

  2. Amazing pictures. Beautiful place. Beautiful people. What an incredible trip!

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