Week 3

First Rain
First Rain

It’s already week 3.  We began language school Tuesday.  It is tiring but fun.  We are learning another new alphabet (Persian).  It is basically the arabic alphabet.  Very pretty, script like.  We teach Winter and David in the morning.  It helps us learn our lessons better.  Everyone has had some sort of stomach bug at one time or another.  We are hoping that we will get past this soon.  We had our first rain yesterday.  It was short but it was a very powerful down pour.  We needed the cooling off.  It’s been 107 most of the week.  We stay sticky most of the time because we don’t have an air conditioner.  We have learned our way around town now, and many shop keepers recognize my face.  Tajik language is getting easier.  Food is a challenge for the kids – nothing tastes like food in the US.  Not the ketchup, milk, cheese, meat, cola, fruit juice – nothing.  Teresa and I are ok with it, but it is tough for the kids.  They do however love the Non (bread).    Our internet only works a few hours a day so I’ll try to post a few pictures and then sign off.  We are finding a rhythm to life, God is placing local people into our lives, and we are learning Dari and Tajik.  Thank you for your prayers! – Noel

2 thoughts on “Week 3”

  1. We will pray for good health for everyone and for the kids to discover things they really like to eat there. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  2. Enjoyed “hearing” your voice today on the phone. We pray for you all daily, and will continue to ask that God help you to adapt to the climate, the food and the culture.

    Folks here ask about you often, so let us know of any needs, large and small.

    We love you.

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