My Defroster Guy

img_1807Well some people have a pool guy but I have a defroster guy.  You see we have this refrigerator that makes horrible noises and sounds like it will give up the ghost anytime but so far it is hanging in there.   It not only makes terrible noises, it doesn’t defrost itself.  Now the freezer still stays cold but over time the refrigerator gets less and less cold until things start spoiling quicker.  That’s where my defroster guy comes in.  He diagnosised the problem a month after we got here using his great researching skills and Google of course.  Now every month and sometimes sooner, Noel takes everything out of the freezer and gives it a good defrost with my hair dryer.  Bingo.  I have nice cold food again until 2 or 3 weeks later, it needs to be done again.   Just one of our many daily adventures.

2 thoughts on “My Defroster Guy”

  1. I’ve used a hair dryer to help defrost a freezer before! I’m glad you have found a way to keep the ‘frige working.
    God bless you guys this week!

  2. Before self-defrosting we had to rely on some of the same techniques. Life is a cycle. Love ya! Mom

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