Winter and Teresa’s Saturday Morning

img_1813 In the Fall, Winter and I had the opportunity to go visit a village with two ladies that are involved in ministry there.    They bring  different sewing projects to the village ladies and take time to share God’s love with them through their actions and the telling of  Bible stories.   Here is our post on our Fall visit.   Early Saturday morning, Winter and I once again had the opportunity to go again to the village.   We went with Marina again and another lady whose husband was driving us.    On our way to the village, Marina told me about the opportunities around  Sol-e Now (New Year’s) to share God’s love to about 25 different villages through a Nativity play and the gifts they distributed.   She also shared with me pictures showing the big grins on the faces of men, women and children who had been blessed by their gifts.   Soon we arrived at the village and entered the women’s center.   The ladies slowly began to trinkle in.  Due to the cold weather, only about 10 women came since the women’s center was not heated.  Marina talked with them about how they were doing and made sure everything was going well.   In the next room, the other lady who came with us named Anna had gathered all the children and soon had them laughing and smiling with her artwork and stories.  It was nice to see this addition to their ministry.   We were once again encouraged by the faithfulness and vision of these ladies as week after week they continue to plant seeds of faith not only into these ladies’ lives but into the lives of ladies and children in other villages.  Continue to pray that God will bless these visits and open up many doors for them to share their faith.


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