My New School (with pictures)

Tomorrow morning is our first day of school.  Due to many different reasons, our school is starting later so will have to make up those days along the way or in June.  My main job will be teaching fifth grade to a daughter on our team.  I will then support the other main teacher by teaching two different girls 2nd and 3rd grade math.   Other tasks will be helping with recess or lunch duty as needed and later helping teach bible.  The other teacher has done a great job of setting the school up and getting everything ready.  She will have six students K-3rd grade.  Two of the mom’s will help her with various tasks and also specials in the afternoon.  Basically it will be a whole team effort at least on the ladies’ side.  One of our houses has three stories and a basement.  Two of our families live in the top with the school taking up the first floor and basement.

Here are a few pictures of our school.

Our lunch/specials room

school 1

Our K-3rd Classroom

school 5

school 4

My classroom.  I do have two student desks.  They are hiding behind the table in the second picture.

school 3 school 2


I am ready to get started.  My house is done.  My school room is done, and my lesson plans are ready.  The next few weeks will be full of adjusting my lessons to my students and figuring out how to best teach at this level.   It is a blessing to have an experienced teacher in the next room for when I have questions.  Another blessing is that I am less than a five minute walk away from the school so I can walk to and from school.

Prayer points:

  • The health of our team.  Many have been sick the last week or so including the other teacher.
  • That we will meet the educational needs of these precious children.
  • For me as I adjust and figure out how to do this job well and with excellence.

Blessings, Teresa

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  1. The classrooms look fabulous! There are lots of fun supplies! We’ll be praying for everything to go smoothly for teachers and students!

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