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This past week David went back to boarding school and hit the ground running.  He is playing volleyball again this year and was relieved when he made varsity since the competition is harder this year.  We miss having David around but are excited for all he has planned for this year at school.  Winter started her sophomore year at Liberty University.  This year she is a prayer leader which meant that she needed to move to a different dorm and has a new roommate.  So far she is enjoying the changes.

I started school here the 1st of August.  My first week I had two second graders.  The next week I added two middle schoolers and one high schooler.  Then the third week I had to say good bye to one of my second graders as she moved back to the states.  My fourth week I added a middle schooler and a high schooler.  I think we are set for a while.  So if you were counting that makes six students.  I am fully in charge of three of the students.  For the other three, I am in an advisory role providing structure and tutoring if needed.

This job keeps me on my toes.  It uses my experience as both a high school math teacher as well as my experience as a homeschooling mom.  My day is spent keeping students on task plus giving direct teaching when needed.  My second grader needs the most attention being the youngest.   Some days I can be found reciting poems about goops to explaining how to do scientific conversions.  Other days I am helping a student write an opinion paper or watching my second grade math whiz talk through his math problems.

Our day starts at 8:30 and goes to 2:30/3:00 with an hour break for lunch.  Since they all live in walking distance, they go home for lunch which gives me a much needed hour break.  Our afternoons are spent finishing up the work from the morning, playing educational games, or doing PE.   When David was here, he helped the middle schoolers do lego robotics three days a week.

Education is often one of the main reasons families will leave the field.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to invest in these students so their parents can focus on what God has called them to do here.  Pray for me that I can help the students get the education that they need.  Pray for their great attitudes and good work ethic to continue.

Here are a few pictures of my students and one of my school room…

DSCN5106 DSCN5107 DSCN5109 IMG_0105


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