October in Texas

It is nice to be settled in one place at least for the month of October and part of November.  Fort Worth is familiar to us having lived in the area for 15 years before moving overseas.  It is fall but still feels likes summer most days.  Fall is seen by the decorations in people’s homes and stores and everywhere there is pumpkin this and that.  The weather is great for biking and a bike trail is close by.   I am really enjoying my daily walks.

Winter and David are settling into a good school routine.  David most days is done by lunch time with Winter’s school taking most of the day.  They have had fun reuniting with friends.  We are David-less for most of the weekend as David is spending as much time as he can with one of his friends in Arlington.  Winter will have a sleep over tonight with her best bud.   Today Winter drove on I-30 for the first time as she chauffeured  Noel and I around.   She is slowly getting her driving hours in.  I appreciate Noel’s patience and instruction with her.

Noel is diligently studying for some tests he needs to take next week.  His next few weeks will be full of training as he is working on his instructor’s licence.   Teresa is enjoying schooling the kids, reconnecting with friends, and even getting to attend a ladies’ bible study.  Both of us hope to continue reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen in at least two years.  So if you are one of those and live in Texas, send us a message and we would love to get together.

This month is also full of medical stuff for us.  We are doing follow ups on a few things.   Finding a doctor and navigating our insurance were growing experiences for me this week.  I must confess I was in tears at least once.  Now the appointments are all made.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors we need to see and that it will all be no big deal.

Hopefully next time I will have pictures and good news from the doctors.

Blessings, Teresa

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