On the Road Again

Almost a week ago we left Texas and will be on the road until the end of December.  Our first stop was in Missouri where my roommate from college graciously let us crash at her house for the night.  As the rest of my family went to sleep, I stayed up a bit later to talk with Kristen since this will be our last face to face visit before we head back to Afghanistan.

Our next stop was Illinois and a long weekend with my sister and her family.  As my sister and I went on long walks and did a bit of shopping, the cousins had many Nerf gun wars and other adventures.  On Saturday, we watched Seth play his first basketball game.  On Sunday we shared a bit in the morning service at their church about our work in Afghanistan.  That evening, Noel shared in their Awanas class.  It was at our kids’ Awana’s class about 8 years ago where Noel first heard about mission aviation and started hearing God’s leading in that direction so getting to share at an Awana’s class was a fun experience for Noel.

Monday we woke up at 3:00 in the morning to head towards Florida and Noel’s sister’s house.  Winter drove the first leg from Marion, Ill to Hendersonville, Tn completing her night hours for her driving licence requirement.  In Hendersonville, we dropped off some of our stuff and ate some breakfast before continuing our journey with Nana and Papaw.  We passed the day napping, driving, and reading aloud to each other.   Eleven hours later, we arrived at our destination.

This week will be spent in Florida where we will spend Thanksgiving with Noel’s family.  It is a blessing to be able to celebrate this year with family.  The first week in December we will be in Hendersonville with Noel’s mom and dad.  The second week in December will be spent in Washington, DC for our family vacation.  Both Winter and David are studying US History in school.  We are excited about seeing the White House at Christmas.  Next we will head to Iowa where we will spend Christmas with my family.  The kids are hoping for snow.  I am hoping it is not too cold.

We feel blessed to be able to be around family during this holiday season.  It is a gift that we often don’t get to enjoy.  We will also be doing some speaking and sharing at each stop.  It is a privilege to share what God is doing on the other side of the world.   Feeling blessed and thankful,  Teresa

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  1. Glad you are enjoying family time! Hope your time in D.C. is fun and educational!
    Praying for safe travels and more good times!

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