October Update 2017

October was quiet which was a good thing when you are in an election season.   The first round of the election, October 10th, had a good turnout.   Since there were over 20 candidates, a run off of the top two was supposed to be the first Tuesday in November but has been delayed.  The churches have been covering this election in prayer and so far those prayers have been answered.   Noel was extra busy right before and after the first round and the day the second round was scheduled with extra flights getting our Liberian staff to their voting locations or their home base.  At this time, we don’t know when the second round will be.

The cataract project at the end of September went well.  The team of doctors that came in  was able to provide surgery for both ebola survivors and others who were suffering from cataracts. They did 84 surgeries in all.  In fact, my house help’s mother was one of the patients.  Thank you for your prayers for that project.  Here is a story with pictures that features some of the patients who were helped through the surgeries.

Sometimes we forget what a gift it is to be able to read and write.  In Lofa County, we have a literacy project where many of the students are over 50 years old.  In the class, they learn some basic reading and writing but also have a time fo bible learning.  Here is a story sharing how the class impacted one man spiritually. 

Speaking of literacy, I have a Liberian friend who comes to my home every Wednesday afternoon to learn to read better.  Her goal is to be able a chapter out of her bible each day on her own.  I have been amazed at how well she has progressed.  At the end of each lesson, we work on reading a chapter of the Bible together.   This last week we read Genesis 3.  After reading through it twice, we had an interesting discussion on the parts that she had not heard before.  I consider my friend a strong woman of faith and am humbled by her desire to know God better.  I am excited to see how God will use her as she continues to grow in him.  This experience has me thinking more about believers and God’s word.  I don’t want to ever take for granted my access and ability to read God’s word.

Winter is enjoying her third year at Liberty.  In October, she was inducted into the honor society for sign language interpreters.  This has been a good year for her so far.  She has a great roommate and  a good group of girls in the community group that she leads.

At the end of October, we were able to visit David in Germany.  We arrived in time to help him celebrate his 18th birthday.  Part of the dorm celebration includes the dorm dad giving the birthday boy a blessing.  Since we were there, Noel was able to give the blessing for David.

It was so good to meet all David’s friends and teachers as well as just spend time with him.  We even shadowed David to his classes one day.  The last part of our time with him was spent in Italy where we cheered for him and his team in his last volleyball tournament.  His team ended up coming in third which is the best they have done since he has been at BFA.  It was a good ending to his season.

The trip was refreshing for Noel and I.  We had time to go on a few walks in fall weather and just enjoy some time away from work.  I was even able to do a little shopping for a few things that we needed and looking ahead for Christmas.  One night we even took David and a friend to a movie which was a fun treat for all of us.  Overall, it was a good break.

What’s ahead this month and next.

  • The second round of elections.
  • Our hanger is getting a new door.
  • The cleft lip project at the beginning of December
  • Family coming for Christmas

Many blessings as you focus on what you are thankful for this month.  Teresa


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  1. Kids getting so big. All grown up now. Pra for you guys regularly. God be with you till we meet again.
    Love Jeff and Cheryl

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