On the Road to Idaho

img_0275On the road again, we travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming on Easter.   We left after attending the sunrise service at Mom’s church.  Being Easter night, we were able to get a good rate on a hotel that had a nice pool and hot tub.  After a long day of traveling, it is nice to relax and let the kids get some energy out.   The ride across Nebraska seemed long.  It helped that we would sometimes switch cars to break things up. 

Monday we began to really see some beautiful scenery.  The kids did school in the backseat and enjoyed having their daddy read to them from a book they have been reading on together.    Our drive ended in Pocatello, Idaho.   A storm had just passed and we experienced a beautiful rainbow. 


Once again the kids swam to get rid of extra energy and also played fooseball against their mommy and Grandma.   Tuesday after a slow start, we finished our last leg of the journey.   Since it was Teresa’s moms birthday, she got to choose our lunch spot.   We followed a Crackerbarrel truck into the only Cracker Barrel within a 100 miles.   Thirty minutes after lunch, we were in Nampa unpacking at the apartment they had here for us.   Walking into headquarters, we met the gal who works in the mailroom.  She let us know we had a package from our close friends.  It was a fun suprise for all of us.  Thank you to our friends who are constantly spoiling us. 

Our day ended with a trip for groceries, unpacking and falling into bed exhausted.

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