Our Time in Iowa

We left Spring in Texas and arrived back in Winter in Iowa.  Brr…  Teresa’s parents were kind enough to let us store some of keepsakes and other things we couldn’t part at their house.  Even our bed made it into one of their guestrooms.  Our first few days were spent organizing and resting.  Teresa also got caught up on her reading and played some scrabble with her mom.  Noel worked on our website and did projects for Teresa’s dad.  Winter and David worked hard on finishing the geography portion of their school, played hay bale tag with Grandma, planted garden with Grandpa, and helped feed the chickens.   Noel and Teresa also enjoyed some brisk walks in the country air.  img_4109

While in Iowa, our family had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Christian Union Mission Conference.  It was great to see some of our ministry partners and share with them.    After the service on Friday night, we helped fill bags for some of the ministries that were speaking at the conference.   On Wednesday night, Teresa’s home church had a commissioning service for our family.   Pastor Stan spoke words of encouragement and reminded us that the Great Commission is for all of us to follow.

Easter morning we woke up early in order to attend the Sunrise Service.  My home church for years goes together with the Methodist Church up the street for this service.  One church does the music and preaching while the other church provides the building and breakfast.   I was excited that my children were able to experience this with me.   After the service, we loaded up and headed west towards Idaho with my parents following with their camper.

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