Ruz-e-shakur goozoree

img_1717Our day of Thanksgiving was special.  Most people here do not know about the American holiday of Thanksgiving.  However, our team celebrated together and shared a mostly traditional meal together.  FYI – We have a small family of turkeys that live outside of our new apartment that we moved into last week.  I’m thinking one of them is missing after today’s celebration.

Chris, one of our team members, read a few passages of scripture in Dari and in English for our Afghan guests.  Then each of us shared a few things we were thankful for in English and Dari.  A few things mentioned were health, our team, language teacher, God’s grace, living in Central Asia, and simple things like electricity and water.img_1692


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    We’re thankful for your precious family and the way God has so obviously led you this year.
    The Caylors…Tom, Cathy & Nate the Great

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