Spring Fever and Other Things

Each week I do a homework sheet for my students so they have no excuse that they don’t know what homework was assigned.  To make it a little more fun, I try to add a cartoon about math or school.  I was hoping by pointing out the obvious about how my students were feeling, we could get back on track grade wise. So in spite of everyone even the teachers having a bit of spring fever, we had a good week.  I was even able to reward my Algebra I class on Wednesday for their good behavior by letting them do their homework outside.

My week started with me begin refreshed and renewed after a retreat at a local hotel with the other Pactec ladies on my team learning how to be intentional women.  This made it much easier to handle the daily challenges at school.  Here is a picture of the ladies on my team minus a few who weren’t able to make the retreat.

On Tuesday, the Millstones played the Girl’s ISK basketball team for the first ever full court game on the new basketball court.  The Millstones are the lady teachers willing to play against the students.   Many students stayed after school to watch.  Some of the elementary students even had homemade pom poms and signs in support of their teacher who was playing.  Did I say the game was full court?  We put up a fight but they pretty much out ran us scoring 27 points to our 12.  Here are a few pictures.  It was the first time I had played basketball in a skirt.

On Wednesday, David had his last elementary concert.  His class recited a poem called the Beauty of Rose and then performed their own compositions about spring on their recorders and xylophones.  Here is a picture of his class reciting their poem.

Pray for me each day as I try to speak words of truth to my students.  Pray that my words and actions will be full of love, grace and truth. We have six weeks of school left so hopefully we can all finish strong.    T.

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  1. You’re such a fun teacher . . . adding humor to the mundane and willingly putting your life on the line for the reputation of the Millstones!
    We will pray as you have asked and expect God to answer!
    Love and miss you!

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