Music Man Musical

Last week was a full week for us.  We had lots of rain which made getting to school at least one day a little challenging.  Winter and David also had Stanford Testing four mornings.  So they were ready  Wednesday when they had the day off school to get ready for their musical.  The musical was held after school at a local orphanage that graciously let them use their stage.   Winter played the role of a towns lady and David was one of the kids in the band.  Here are some pictures from the musical.

It was a fun way to end a long week.


2 thoughts on “Music Man Musical”

  1. Enjoyed the pictures. I have the best looking and wonderful grandchildren a grandma could ever have!!! I am so blessed.

  2. So fun! The costumes are great, and it looks like a great production!
    We look forward to the release of the DVD! 🙂
    Love and miss you all!

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