Update after the Storm

Sorry I haven’t posted in almost a month.  At the beginning of April, we took about a ten day break and went to China.  We enjoyed seeing the sites and eating lots of fun food.  It was good to be able to just walk around more freely and not to have to wear a head scarf.  On our way back in, we spent a day in Dubai and ended up with a deli turkey, some cheese and chocolate chips in our suitcases.   We hit the ground running the day after we got back with Teresa and the kids finishing up their 3rd quarter at school and Noel heading to the airport.  Spring is all around as the grass is trying to come up and there are flowers on the trees.  Life seemed normal.  Normal as it can get in Afghanistan that is.

On Sunday afternoon there was some fighting in Kabul.  The Taliban had started their Spring initiative.  The kids and I spent 3 or so hours in safe rooms at our school while Noel stayed at the airport.  We stayed the night at another team house on Sunday to make sure all was clear.  To the kids, it was fun to spend the night with their friend Cassia who is the single lady on our team.  In the morning, we were able to return to our home and find all was well.   We find encouragement in the fact that the Afghan forces did a great job of taking care of the situation.   We are also thankful that our team was safe and sound.   In spite of these events, we are confident that this is where God has us.  There is still much work to do.

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  1. That is very encouraging that the Afghan forces responded quickly and efficiently. We are so grateful that you and your team are safe! We will continue to pray for your safety, as always.
    Love and miss you!

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