TJ’s October Musings

If someone asked me to use one word to describe our family right now, it would be BUSY.   The kids are enjoying school and a few afterschool activities.  Winter has started a ballet/tap class which is a first for her.    Winter’s days have been filled with homework, building a glider with other classmates for art class and playing volleyball with mom or friends in the back yard.   David has started a martial arts class and is starting to write an ABC book about Afghanistan for his library class.  He keeps busy with school work, playing with friends, playing Wii with his dad or filling water bottles for his mom.  Noel has been busying with work, spending time with us and even doing a little music now and then.  I (Teresa) find my days full of traveling between my different schools and home, teaching at my two schools and trying to keep everything going at home.  I love what I do but sometimes crave a bit more time at home.  I am feeling more settled as friendships are beginning to grow a little deeper.  On the other hand, I am feeling the need to connect with family and friends back home but haven’t been very good at getting on skype and calling. 

One thing I was worried about since I was teaching at two English speaking schools was being able to improve in my Dari speaking skills.  When would I have the opportunity?  Little did I know I often have many opportunities whether with a driver or even with one of the guards.  My favorite conversations are with an older guard at my first school.  As he waits with me for my car, we have conversations about the weather, what fruit trees he has at his house and even comparing life here with life in America.   I still find it hard to know what to talk about due to my basic language skills but am hopeful that I will keep improving with time.  

On another note, this month we said a final good bye to the members of the Nuristan Eye team.  A memorial was held where we worshiped and remembered their lives and the impact they made.   Some family members of the team were able to be here and share with us.  This month I have also been reminded of those local believers who are in jail or had to flee the country because of their beliefs.   Pray for God’s protection and presence for them during this time.  Though we do not know them by name, God does and has a plan for them. Pray for them that God will use this persecution to grow His church.    Pray with me Isaiah 42:6, 7  that the people will see that Jesus is a light to them also and that God will open the eyes of the blind.  Not only that, but that God will free the captives from prison and release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.  May this happen not only physicially but spiritually and emotionally as well.   Pray for us that in our actions and limited conversations, our lives will reflect the light of Jesus.

I have included a picture of Winter’s glider and our pomegrante tree which we have been enjoying.  Blessings,  Teresa

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  1. Thank you for sharing your days with us. We are busy also. Our work keeps us getting up every morning and we look forward to the weekends. Construction at our house is getting closer to the finish. Will send you pictures when finished. Love to all, Nana

  2. You guys are busy! Hope you continue to enjoy the fall. How is the weather? We have had quite a few weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather here.
    Miss you tons and love you bunches!

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