A Day of Prayer

When you  hear day of prayer, many of you think of the first Thursday in May where our nation gathers for a National Day of prayer.  This is a Pactec day of prayer that occurs twice a year and is a time for us to gather and pray for all our programs around the world.  The focus this year was MK’s (Missionary Kids).   Our team gathered at 9:00 am on Tuesday morning to pray.  We sang, gave thanks, shared our requests for our kids, and broke into smaller groups to pray more specifically.   As we prayed, I thanked God for bringing us to this team.  I love each person’s heart.   As we prayed, the team’s heart for their family, their home country and Afghanistan came shining through. 

If you would like to join with us in some requests for our team’s kids, here are a few. 

  • Teachers for the school that our Swiss families attend.  Decisions for schooling next year.
  • Good health and protection for our kids.
  • Some kids (David included) who have been a little stressed by school this year.
  • Our little  neighbor girl who got her foot caught in the spokes of her daddy’s bike.  For healing and also wisdom on how best to treat it.    
  • The balance between staying connected with those back home and investing in friendships here.  Many of the kids have had to say lots  of good byes in the  last few years.  Pray that they will be able to grieve those good byes and to not be afraid to make new friends.

Thank you for all your prayers for our family especially our children.   We feel them in so many ways.   Teresa

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  1. We will be praying more for you kids. Thanks for the specific requests!
    Love and miss you TONS!

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