Winter Cometh

Winter is coming to Kabul.  The mornings and evenings are already in the 40’s.   We have three sources of heat for the winter.  In our living room, we are using a large wood stove.  These have only been around for two years.  A company in Mazar-e-Sharif makes them.  It burns wood and is very efficient.  In the mornings we will use our Bukuree-Bureeora stove.  This burns hand packed saw dust.  We take a bucket, cut a hole in the bottom, insert a pipe and pack sawdust around it.  Then we remove the pipe and there is a nice tunnel through the sawdust.  My stove will burn about 6 hours.  We use this stove in our dining/kitchen.  Finally in the bathroom I have a kerosene heater.  I can light it and turn it off easily in the mornings.    Everyone expects it to be a cold winter this year.  Please pray for those who don’t have a lot of energy resources.

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