Hot Wheels and American Girl Dolls

Two weekends ago we celebrated David’s birthday complete with 4 other 5th grade boys, tacos, chocolate chip pecan pie and Hot Wheels.  If anyone tells you that girls talk more, I would disagree with you.  We enjoyed an evening of David and his friends just being boys as they played Hot Wheels games and watched a Hot Wheels movie.  Often heard words included “sweet”, “do this” and “cool”.   David even made all  his friends  pancakes in the morning before they began their playing again.   We are blessed by the friends God has given David here.

On this same weekend, Winter had a chance to go to an American Girl doll tea party.  Thursday afternoon, we loaded up Afghan style into a van (that means the van was really crowded) and headed to a local carpet factory that makes doll clothes on the side.  The tea  party was given by one of the ex pat women who is involved with the carpet project and has only sons.   The girls were treated to some cake and other treats as well as tea.  They enjoyed talking and eating as much chocolate as possible.  After their treats, they helped rate the Afghan style dresses, did a little shopping, and Winter even helped design a dress.  The moms enjoyed some time to get to know each other and look around at the fun carpets and doll dresses.   It was a fun relaxing afternoon for all.

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  1. Glad your kids are having fun with friends there! What a great blessing!
    Happy Very Belated Birthday, David! We love you!

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