We Have Our Tickets

We are so excited that we have our tickets to return to Afghanistan on August 6th.  Noel will join us here in the states on the 24th of July for two weeks of regrouping and refreshing before we all travel back together.  Our plan is to meet a team wife in Houston so we can travel with her and their three children.  It should be a fun but challenging trip.

In the meantime, the votes are being recounted in Kabul, and the two candidates have agreed to abide by the results.  This will delay the inauguration, but this doesn’t seem to be a security problem.  Currently Noel is working hard in Kabul.  Besides flying, he is busy handing off his other responsibilities to those who have rotated back in.   The kids and I are in Iowa enjoying a week with mom filled with tennis, bike riding and doing yard work.   We have been blessed with nice weather and fresh produce from mom’s garden.

On Wednesday the kids and I head back to Tennessee as Noel starts our way from Kabul.  On Friday, Winter is having her four wisdom teeth taken out.  We thank God for his provision in finding out this needed to be done plus finding an oral surgeon with time to do the surgery.  The weekend of August 1st, Noel and David are attending a men’s event where they will have some good worship and get to listen to some good speakers.  They are excited to attend this event with Noel’s dad and have some guy time.  Poor David has been outnumbered most of the summer.

Thank you for your support and prayer this summer.  Continue to pray with us for a peaceful transition of power in August.  Pray also for the team as we all transition back in.  We will be one of the first family’s on our team coming back in but are excited to be going back to a place we call home and to have some time there before school starts.  Many blessings, Teresa

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