When Life is Not Normal

I am sure you can relate to the above statement. Life is not normal for any of us. Due to the increase in restrictions, my school was closed, and we shifted to staff going in to the office or hanger only as needed. We knew this was coming so in some ways we were prepared and other ways surprised by how it affected us.

My week started with handing off curriculum for my last students to their mom. Then I had the opportunity with two other ladies to put together hygiene kits for our staff of almost 300. The kits included some bleach, soap, a thermometer, and medical gloves. It was a blessing to be able to do something tangible.

The kits were delivered as each staff came in to get their pay for the month, a bag of rice and this kit. This week many of the staff will receive training on how to educate others about the virus so they can they can help their family and also their neighbors. Some of them will then be going out to educate different communities in an effort to develop awareness and stop the spread of the virus. Pray for our staff as they take on this role.

Noel had two flights this week taking out the kits and other supplies to our two bases as well as bringing in staff to be trained on how to best educate about the virus. He also was able to help our base ops manager with getting the backup generators for each house set up correctly. Noel will continue flying during this time as needed.

Over the past two years, I have been listening to a podcast called “The Next Right Thing“. It is a short, it is a weekly podcast about making decisions and doing the next right thing in love. I have been thinking about that even more this week as my normal is gone. Each day my next right thing has varied from spending more time in the word to working with a friend laminating encouraging verses to mopping my kitchen floor. Some days it might include calling a friend or family member or taking an extra long walk.

My friend Daniela as we work on laminating verses for the office and team houses.

But most importantly, I am finding the next right thing is spending intentional time in prayer each day. I have started writing my prayers down in a notebook so that I can look back and see how God has worked during this time. It is a time of laying down my fears and focusing my eyes on the one who created all things. It is a time of confessing my shortcomings and lack of trust. It is time of petition and intercession for those near and far. Lastly it is time to be thankful for the things God continues to give and do daily. It is habit that I have been struggling to build but this extra time is taking away all excuses.

Last week, I wrote about Samaritan’s Purse sending an emergency hospital to Italy. A friend who is working there tells us that the work is busy but going well. Yesterday Samaritan’s Purse sent an emergency hospital to New York City to help provide some extra beds and support to the crisis there. This link tells about the new hospital as well as gives an update about the one in Italy.

A quick update on Winter, Nathan and David. They are sheltering in place in California. Thankfully Winter and Nathan are able to work remotely and only going out when necessary. It is a blessing that CBU is allowing David and other TCK’s to continue to live on campus. Tomorrow David will begin to do all his classes online as their spring break will have ended. Lastly we are thankful for their church communities who are doing services online and reaching out to their members remotely.

What has been your next right thing during this season? How can we pray for you or your community during this time? Teresa for the Fouts

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  1. Thanks for sharing – I’ve been praying for you and your family. John moved home 2 weeks ago. It is an adjustment for all!! I keep telling him I’ve never been through anything like this either. We grilled hotdogs last week and delivered to friends that we knew would enjoy them. We stopped by and gave some to Ben and Linda. Our church is trying to keep up with each other through zoom meetings and we are broadcasting online. This has been a new thing for us. Bill keeps calling himself a ‘televangelist’
    Happy Monday ❤️

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