Bamian, Afghanistan (elev. 8,367 ft.)

Afghanistan has many natural wonders.  The city of Bamian is one of those.  We spent a day there recently and thought we would share our pictures with you.  Bamian is home to the Band-e-Amir lakes, the famous cliff Buddas (sorry but the Taliban blew them up but we took pictures of where they were), and the Red City.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I flew my family and some other friends out to this beautiful province. My son David helped me with the preflight. Enjoy the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Bamian, Afghanistan (elev. 8,367 ft.)”

  1. Wow! What a fantastic place! Thanks for letting us go with you via photos! We love you guys!

  2. I’m so glad ya’ll were able to take such an amazing trip…and that we got to enjoy it secondhand! 🙂

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