Fall 2019 Update

Between Liberian Thanksgiving this Thursday and American Thanksgiving at the end of the month, November is a great reminder of the need to be thankful. Noel and I have so many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few..

Joshua’s back! In August, Joshua returned to Liberia after completing his commercial pilot’s training. Now he is training with Noel on how to fly the caravan in Liberia.

Interns. This summer SP had three interns. One of them- Tom-stayed with us. The other two girls worked at the hospital and lived a couple of houses down. On the weekends, they join us for dinner and a movie as well as go on our grocery run with us. Tom and Emily left in August, but Hannah stayed for an extra two months. She was joined by two more interns that are working here this fall in our SP office. One weekend the girls and I bought some lappa and made some skirts. Noel and i have loved parenting and loving on these interns as they are far from home. They have helped us not miss Winter and David so much.

My Students. Don’t they look like a great bunch? These six plus Daniel, my 12th grader, make up my students for the year. Our days are full of subtraction facts, phonics, learning about plants, and other fun things.

Vacation. Noel and I were able to take a vacation at the beginning of October. It was a much needed break to rest and regroup. As a bonus, we were able to visit some friends from our time in Central Asia while we were in France.

Rainy Season is almost done. Rainy season starts in May and ends sometime in November. The rains have been getting less and are more at night now. I am thankful for good rain gear for my walk/bike commute to school each day.

The Cleft Lip Project was a success with 35 surgeries. Noel and Kris both had extra flights to help transport the patients and guardians to and from Monrovia. Kris was able to land here on the compound for his flights making it easier for the patients to get the hospital. The patients ranged in age from a year old to 55 years old.

You. Thanks again for your prayers for our work here.

Many blessings, Teresa for the Fouts Family.

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  1. We are thankful for your faithfulness and the good work you are doing for our Lord. We pray for you and yours regularly.

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