We Have Tickets!

Since my post last month, there have been many changes and developments. Liberia has over 500 confirmed cases of COVID-19. So far, the hospitals have been able to handle the cases. A doctor who works at the ELWA Hospital on campus said that so far the staff has been able to stay well. This is an answer to prayer as we continue to pray not only for the ELWA staff but for our SP employees.

Teresa has finished her role with Samaritan’s Purse saying good bye to her students via zoom a few weeks ago. She has been exploring some online math teacher opportunities. She has also been enjoying going through a bible study with some ladies via zoom.

Noel was able to complete an inspection on the airplane a few weeks ago. Thankfully no issues were found. As of this week, the aviation staff are back to regular operations at the airport. He had four flights this week helping transport staff back to their work locations. In his free time, he is exploring possible job opportunities and locations to live.

Last week, our new pilot made it to Liberia via a UN flight. Currently he is still in quarantine. Starting at the end of next week. Noel and the new pilot should be able to start training. He worked previously in Papua New Guinea so he is no stranger to living outside North America. We are able to get to know him a little through outdoor picnics where we can talk yet keep our social distance. We are thankful that he is here and ready to serve. He is an answer to prayer.

Another answer to prayer is that we have a mechanic family coming in July. They are from another SP program and have committed to being here for 6 months as SP continues to look for a permanent replacement. It brings us peace that both the pilot and mechanic position will be filled before we leave.

Because of these developments and the international airport opening back up this weekend, SP purchased our tickets for heading back to the states. If all goes according to plan, we will be leaving Liberia on July 31st and landing in Tennessee on August 1st. Our first month will be visiting family in Tennessee, Indiana, and Iowa. Then we will head to California to spend the week of Labor Day with Winter and David.

The past four years have been a blessing. We have enjoyed our time in Liberia with Samaritan’s Purse. The team and community have been wonderful. The work has been a good balance of stretching and fulfilling. We have made good memories and good friends. But we are excited about our next season in the states. Pray for us as we transition. Many of our friends have found the move back to the states to be the hardest transition for them in all their moves.

We look forward to seeing many of you this fall as we do some traveling. Blessings, Teresa

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  1. Thanks for the update. We will be praying for the new personnel and for your transition. Have a great week. – Brian

  2. Exciting updates! So grateful the pilot and mechanic will be in place! Praying for your transition and plans as you return.
    Love and miss you guys!
    The Medleys

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